The Cost Of Kitchen Cabinet Replacement

The Cost Of Kitchen Cabinet Replacement


What is the cost of kitchen cabinet replacement? Kitchen cabinets are a key component of any kitchen. They affect the aesthetics and functionality of a kitchen.

So, if you’re looking to give your kitchen a face-lift, or you feel like you need to make your kitchen a more efficient space, then you might need to replace your kitchen cabinets. New cabinets can single-handedly lift your entire kitchen’s look.

Similarly, the varied storage options such as deep drawers, drawers with inserts and dividers, and illuminated cabinetry all help make your kitchen an efficient space.

However, replacing your kitchen cabinets is not a small expense. Therefore, if you are thinking to do so, it is best to know about the various costs involved and the total capital required.

Homeowners can reportedly spend anywhere between $2000 to $20,000 when they replace kitchen cabinets. There are various factors which affect the cost Of Kitchen Cabinet Replacement:

Size of Kitchen

The bigger the kitchen you have, the more cabinets there will be to replace. So, it is natural to expect that the cost of replacing your cabinets will be directly connected with the size of your kitchen.

Cabinet Design

Cabinets come in three main design types, which vary in prices accordingly:

  • Stock cabinets: Manufactured in large numbers, stock cabinets are low in cost. However, they are also a standard design with little to no design variations available.
  • Semi-custom cabinets: These cabinets seek to combine the best of both other types of cabinet design. It is a moderately-priced range with some flexibilities available in the design department such as a range of available finishes.
  • Custom Cabinets: These cabinets are exclusively designed per your requirements. They can be built to fit any shape of space and the sky is the limit with regards to the degree of customization you can achieve.However, this is naturally a very expensive option, and the cost can balloon quite quickly.

Materials Used

The most popular material for cabinets is wood. The character, warmth, and durability of wood make it a much-loved option. However, it is also what makes wooden cabinets on the more expensive side.

A few alternatives to wood have now found their way in the market such as laminate and thermofoil. They are designed to mimic the look of wood while costing significantly less.

While they are durable, they are difficult to repair when damaged, and try as they might, they still can’t fully exude the same richness that real wood does.

Labour Hired

The labor cost you incur to install the new cabinets will depend on whether it is stock/semi-custom cabinets being installed or customized ones. Customized cabinets, being one of a kind, are harder to install, and take longer and will therefore have higher labor cost.

Additionally, while you might want to cut down on cost by making it a DIY project, the reality is that this is a complex project. It requires expertise and experience, which professional contractors bring with them.

Therefore, hiring professionals is your best bet at getting the best results for your kitchen. Also, your labor cost will depend on the quality of the workforce you hire.

Complexity of Project

Sometimes, while remodeling your kitchen, you might need to change the placement of cabinets. This brings with it some additional costs:

  • Plumbing costs: This involves re-rerouting the plumbing line
  • Electrical costs: You will incur these to move your electrical outlets to positions more compatible with the new placement of cabinets
  • Drywalling patching cost: Plumbing and electrical jobs need the wall to be opened and wall repairs will be in order after the jobs are done
  • Painting cost: The painting cost you incur will depend on the size of the damaged area

Your project might be a more complex one if your cabinets need to be installed in an unusually difficult space and that will add to the cost of your cabinet replacement.

Miscellaneous Costs

This refers to all other costs that you will incur in the process of cabinet replacement. One such cost would be the demolition cost of the existing cabinetry, which can reportedly range from $300 to $500. Another associated cost can be the designer or installer fee.

You would incur this cost if you decide to involve a professional designer or installer to help you decide on the type, configuration, and style of cabinets most suited to your needs.

This would be helpful because there is an overwhelming range of cabinetry styles and types and it can be hard for you to strike the right balance between your needs, preferences, and your budget. A professional will be ideally placed to help you with that.

The Cost Of Kitchen Cabinet Replacement – Conclusion

As can be seen, there are a series of costs involved when you decide to replace kitchen cabinets. Know your budget, plan your costs accordingly, keeping your primary goals in mind, and you will get the most out of this project.

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